Music Education

Isabel is an enthusiastic educationalist who has been able to gather much professional experience since her debut as a teacher 33 years ago.


She has worked at almost all levels, for example early learning courses in kindergartens and music courses at primary schools, piano courses at conservatories as well as training and further education for piano teachers.


At the moment she is teaching piano and piano methodology at the University Mozarteum Salzburg (department Innsbruck) and is working regularly for the Klavier Festival Ruhr.

Further training

You can book the following teacher training courses:

  •  Early instrumental lessons on the piano
  •  Games for instrumental (group) lessons
  •  Group lessons on the piano
  •  Improvisation from the beginning of piano lessons
  • "Caterpillar, parrot beak, grasshopper and thumb kicker" - movement games to improve self-perception and playing technique for piano students
  •  Creative music-making with children in the day-care centre
  •  Instrument presentations in kindergarten and primary school
  • "Fit im Musikschulalltag!(?) - Musiker*innen-Gesundheit für Schüler*innen und Lehrer*innen"

If you are interested please send me an mail:

Programs for school concerts or family concerts:

  • "What is a musical variation?"
    Variations by Mozart, Beethoven and Mendelssohn humorously explained
  • Solasisimi in search of dances - a musical fairytale
    Dances, groove and body percussion with works by Albéniz, Bartok, Guarnieri, Schlothfeldt and Tierssen
  • "Dear Santa, you do it."
    Christmas stories and children's letters to Santa Claus framed by the most beautiful piano music
    (Mozart, Schumann, Bach/Busoni, Debussy, Tchaikowsky)
    Writing and reading aloud promotion for elementary school children can be booked additionally!
  • "Lily and Zola in search of home"
    Two pianists, a piano, children and much more...
    (Concept Maren Donner and Isabel Gabbe)
  • „Lily and Zola – the secret of the keys“
    Two Pianists, one Piano, Children and much more...
    (Concept Maren Donner and Isabel Gabbe)